Conset has changed its name to Symal.

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About Conset /

At Conset (soon to be Symal) our construction work helps ideas take shape supporting the environments that bring communities to life.

We are an agile, dynamic operation that responds to the ever-changing needs of clients, as we harness the best industry talent to work on complex structural projects across Australia.

We work across various concrete and structural construction sectors including apartment buildings and hotels, multi-level car parks, processing plants, water facilities, ports, airports, defence, power, industrial, hospital and pharmaceutical, community structures and civil sectors.

Our professional capacity covers the full spectrum of structural works from excavation, concreting, crane operation and formwork to precast installation, steel fixing, post tension and project redesign, our work transforms design ideas into quality projects that stand the test of time.

The Conset team shares an aptitude for finding practical solutions to complex problems through better business sensibility. Their engineering capability ensures we adapt quickly and easily to changing market conditions. Taking the lead on the creation and delivery of our culture, and owning responsibility for project outcomes, our management brings a wealth of experience. Their engineering expertise guides collaboration with site engineers and informs project design and procurement, OH&S compliance, programming, and superior budget tracking.

We are proud to implement better solutions delivering swift construction timeframes. We uphold our client partnerships, safe working environments and team performance to the highest standards.

Our values guide us in everything we do as a high-performance team.


We are Safe Today to Enjoy Tomorrow. The safety of our staff, contractors and communities we work in is always paramount.


We respect each other, the communities we work, and the environment.


We achieve our goals through teamwork. Developing long-term mutually beneficial relationships with clients and suppliers and celebrating our successes together.


We stand for all to be happy, healthy and prosperous. We value the wellbeing of our employees and promote a healthy work-life balance in all we do.


We passionately embrace a service culture resulting in a sustainable future. The way we work draws on the strong values of family and respect and is distinguished by strong performance, innovation and excellence.


Our constant quest for improvement ensures we embrace emerging technology and innovation across every project we undertake.

Our Team /

Joe Bartolo

Group Managing Director

Joe unites the group, inspiring us all to strive for a better tomorrow, every day. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Joe has worked on hundreds of diverse construction projects. With drive and passion for the business, Joe embeds a positive culture across 500+ highly skilled staff.

Ray Dando

Group Construction Director

Ray is a strategic problem-solver, skillfully managing engineering, project operations and risk while establishing key commercial relationships. Over the past decade with us, he has inspired leadership in others and consistently delivered beyond client expectations.

Andrew Fairbairn

Group Pre-Contracts Director

Andrew has a solid industry foundation and an astute approach to pre-contracts. Over the past decade with us, he’s built, a strong reputation for foresight, accuracy and efficiency, enabling our clients, and our business, to move forward with confidence.

Nabeel Sadaka

Group Chief Executive Officer

With a strong vision and an ambitious approach to progress, Nabeel’s experience in the construction industry is a key growth driver at our group. A proven leader, with a track record for forming effective, long-term partnerships, Nabeel has the engineering skills and business acumen to bring people together through shared values.

Nicholas Murdoch

Group Chief Financial Officer

Nicholas’ high-level and long-term commercial insight and economic strategy are invaluable to our Board of Directors. As CFO for almost 20 years, his management skills ensure financial statements, budgeting and risk analysis always keep us on track to deliver on our promises.

Olivia Bartolo

Group Corporate Services Director

Talented multi-disciplinary team manager, Olivia is responsible for quality human resources, organisational development, and creating learning and development frameworks to support strategic outcomes. She drives diversity and inclusion, staff engagement, and influences culture while delivering social procurement outcomes.

Ben Virtue

Group Manager of New Business & Strategy

Ben’s ability to read market direction combined with his high-level strategic approach ensures mutual success for our business and our clients. His enthusiasm shines – it’s one of the reasons he’s been such a great ambassador for us, delivering great opportunities as a result.

Sandra Constanzo

Group Commercial & Legal Manager

Sandra’s vast experience as a construction lawyer, together with exceptional contract negotiation skills, make her a cornerstone to our ongoing business success. Sandra brings a wealth of commercial knowledge to our business and the clients we work with.

George Markelis

Group HSEQ Manager

Our work comes with great responsibility to the communities we serve. Taking the lead on developing, auditing and reviewing our safe work practices, George makes sure our teams meet – and exceed – industry standards and legislative requirements.

Kris Bogdanovski

Group Assets & Logistics Manager

Kris brings an enormous amount of diverse experience to the group, consistently delivering on productivity levels. With a passion for plant and machinery, management skills, and a mechanics qualification, he manages assets in excess of $30 million and is a unique hybrid of technical and organisational genius.

John Giofches

Conset Operations Manager

John has amassed over 20 years’ in the industry and is responsible for overseeing all Conset projects, from concept right through to delivery, guiding clients through each phase of a build and engaging all stakeholders with his considered approach and style.

James Hope

Conset Engineering Manager

Engineering qualified, James leads and collaborates with the wider team ensuring value-added initiatives are implemented as standard. James’ extensive experience across all aspects of construction design, procurement and building processes is an invaluable asset to the team.

Damien Gatt

Conset Senior Project Manager

Damien’s passion, energy, work ethic and decisiveness have become legendary. With over two decades of experience in the construction industry, he is committed to high-performance and understands the importance of shared understanding between clients and project teams.

Greg Richards

Conset Project Manager

With over 17 years of experience in numerous construction roles, Greg is a perceptive planner, safely overseeing project details and outcomes to ensure consistent quality and high-performance standards are met from his team.

Tin Vo

Conset Project Manager

Tin has enviable skills with broad project management experience alongside fiscal attention-to-detail. For over a decade, Tin has successfully mapped his journey from accounts payable to project management delivering high-performing construction projects.

Martin Cassar

Conset HSEQ Coordinator

Over three decades, Martin has enjoyed the challenge of finding safe and practical solutions to complex problems in the structures and civil sectors. An effective leader and communicator, his technical industry knowledge and problem-solving skills have accrued from working across large and complex projects.

Who We Work With /

Whether you’re building a new development, or breathing new life into an existing structure, we have the technical expertise and industry knowledge to deliver your project. We work with leading designers, builders and developers to create outstanding results.