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International Women’s Day 2020 #EachForEqual

This year our Conset and Civilex teams attended International Women’s Day events this week. We are committed to seeing women in construction grow, develop and thrive and appreciate the effort the construction industry goes to in organising these events that help support this agenda.

We gathered some of our amazing Civilex and Conset women together for a fun photoshoot in our yard facility to support this year’s theme #EachForEqual.

International Women's Day 2020 Conset from Civilex Victoria on Vimeo.

Master Builders Association of Victoria International Women’s Day 2020

The Conset team listened as Susan Halliday captivated the full-capacity audience with her insights – including conscious and unconscious bias in the workplace. A key takeaway message – the importance of positive role modelling.

Well done Master Builders Association for hosting your first IWD event.


Engineers Australia International Women’s Day 2020, supporting gender equality in the engineering industry.

The Civilex team attended Nadine Champion’s keynote presentation that had the audience captivated and inspired by her journey and insights.

Well done Engineers Australia for hosting a fantastic event.


The Civilex and Conset team attended the NAWIC International Women’s Day 2020 High Tea with special guest speaker Justine Cooper who wore purple and inspired us all to challenge assumptions and take action against injustice.

An engaging and lively event NAWIC Vic thank you!

International Womens Day

To all the women of the world – happy International Women’s Day 2020.

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