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June’s High-Rise Coaching

Conset, contracted to Hamilton Marino Builders, was awarded a full structures package on one of its tallest yet smallest footprint construction projects in Melbourne’s CBD – The Peak in Latrobe Street.

The Peak construction project is a 44 floor (plus rooftop) construction utilising a hydraulic jump core system and external safety screens.

Once complete, The Peak will be 45 above-ground levels housing 177 apartments and three retail tenancies.

June Parker joined our team to further the development of our group’s leadership team and recently visited one of Conset’s project sites at Latrobe Street. And for someone who has a fear of heights, she climbed the internal core reaching the 22nd floor of this construction building.

June says, “Getting out of the head office and onto the construction site is fun and different – it’s the real world of construction and where the action happens. The guys are fantastic, and a site visit gives me an opportunity to better understand the working environment and some of the issues our managers experience daily.”

June focuses on coaching our senior leaders. Senior Project Manager Damien Gatt oversees a labour force of 150 and is an advocate of the coaching he’s received saying, “One of the greatest benefits I receive out of June’s one on one coaching is personal development. I can better understand the teams I manage and work with so I can be the best manager I can be for them.”

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