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The Cool Cat of Conset

Concrete. Many people find the thought of the composite material of fine and coarse aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement which hardens over time a boring topic of conversation. But not Damien Gatt. Damien has been with Conset since 2012 – first as a Foreman before transitioning to Project Manager – and the reason he finds concrete so interesting is he gets to be hands-on in creating something special in an ever growing and in-demand industry.

Damien has over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry – five of those in domestic carpentry, with the remainder in concrete/structure construction. He’s a great advocate of Conset’s people, culture, and high-rise construction. Earlier this year the Conset team attended a Civil-Conset Company Values Launch Day where Damien was invited to share his experience and reflections of his six years with Conset.

Damien’s Favourite Flashback Project
Damien’s most enjoyable project was the Camberwell Grammar Project. Back in 2015 this project – contracted to Cockram Builders – was the largest Conset had won. The works involved detailed excavation, supply and placement of concrete and formwork, reinforcement and design, and supply of post tension. But what’s more amazing to hear is that over the course of a year Conset transformed an old sports oval into a carpark…and then built a suspended oval on top of that carpark…with an inground pool! Remember how I mentioned concrete was an interesting conversation topic?!

Check out the before and after photos of Conset’s Camberwell Grammar Project:

Soon after the Camberwell Grammar Project Damien was promoted to Project Manager and has since worked on numerous projects in and around Melbourne. But it’s the city-based high-rise projects he has become famous for within his family. His children admire the fact that “dad built that.”

Damien’s three children love the fact that “dad built that one!”

And that’s how Damien Gatt holds Conset’s “Damien-Cool-Cat-Dad” title. Perhaps next time you’re driving through Melbourne’s city streets take a look up and see that the Cool Cat of Conset was here.

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