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Jump Form Rescue Training

Conset, contracted to Hamilton Marino, is currently working on The Peak Apartments project in Latrobe Street, Melbourne. This morning the team participated in Jump Form Rescue Training with Pinnacle Safety and Training where the rescue scenarios were conducted on the work location where a potential rescue could take place in the event of an emergency.

The Peak Apartments project is a 42-storey apartment construction and due to the nature of constructing this type of CBD building, it contains a jump form consisting of internal working platforms. The internal working platforms allow our construction workers to complete the internal structure and conduct activities including tying steel, form voids and penetrations, locking up shutters, general maintenance and jumping of the system. The internal working platform becomes the lift shaft and stairwells of the building.

Conset Safety Coordinator Joe Patti says, “In the event of an emergency, it’s straightforward craning a first aid box to the top of the work site structure, but it’s another matter getting a worker out. The only way to perform such an emergency is to remove the worker on a stretcher which occurs vertically.”

The Conset team would like to thank Nick from Pinnacle Safety and Training who conducted the training and Hamilton Marino for supplying the Jump Form Rescue Training equipment and helping to coordinate the training session on how to use the equipment in case of an emergency. It was a fantastic drill to undertake with many key learnings coming from it.

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