Conset has changed its name to Symal.

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Conset’s Mission: To Be the Best.

Conset has been part of Melbourne’s construction industry since 2003 and has been able to build an enviable reputation through its project delivery, quality finishes, and the people it employs and develops. Conset is now part of the construction group that includes Civilex and Grampians Excavations and is led by an astute construction management team that has amassed over 10 decades of construction knowledge and experience.

Conset has built 350 structures in and around Melbourne and employs 160 full-time employees who have worked more than 3.2 million hours.

Conset operates within the realm of ‘better business sensibility’. What does that mean? In summary, it’s a unique mindset and approach to the way Conset’s management team finds and delivers practical solutions to often complex construction problems ensuring we deliver above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

This vast accumulation of structures package experience and varying scopes across an array of sectors gives Conset its positive reputation – known for adaptability, safety, and long-term relationships. Conset’s mission is to be the best and proudly works in partnership with Hansen Yuncken, Mirvac, Buxton Construction, Hamilton and Marino Builders, Hacer Group, Cockram, Lendlease and other leaders in the construction industry.

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