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Conset and The Block

Are you a fan of The Block? It’s the popular television show that turns ‘normal’ people into builders and renovators and designers with dollops of television effect: drama. Teams of couples compete against each other to renovate houses or apartments and sell them for the highest price.

The Block 2018 season commences this Sunday 5 August on Channel 9 and the location where all the action and filming has already taken place is former The Gatwick Hotel – the biggest project in the show’s history – located in St Kilda, Melbourne.

And what has any of this got to do with Conset?

Well, for the past few years, Conset has been involved in the delivery of The Block concrete requirements contracted by Erilyan. This season we were involved in the pouring of slabs to provide extra balcony extensions, formwork, concrete and steel work. In season 2016, Conset was involved in the concreting of stairs, rooftop, and providing extra structure beams at the former soap factory turned Heritage Art Deco Building located in Port Melbourne. The winning team that year was William Bethune and Karlie Cicero who had the winning profit of $715,000.

Today we got a tour of The Gatwick Hotel and soon to be revealed interiors (and drama) of this season. Let’s just say you won’t be disappointed. Make sure you tune in.

Happy viewing!

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